Thursday, May 16, 2013

From our garden!

The lettuce Ryan and I picked.

Some of the spinach mom picked.

Some of the arugula and 2 onions Jayci, mom, and I picked.

Half the green beans the kids and I picked.

3 of the squash mom picked.

We r having lots of veggies for dinner tonight! YUMMY!!!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Playing today

Today i played making backgrounds. I used blue and green acrylic paint, and added in a bit of yellow on the larger book.

Then i used various stamps with blue, green, and frayed burlap stamp pads on all three backgrounds, then yellow, red, and orange each on one background. With white paint and stencils i added more layers to the backgrounds. And finally i used a spray cap and tp roll to make circles with white, blue, black, orange, and red.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Playing with old books

Playing with watercolor paper

My first ever attempt at using watercolors!!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Mission Organization WEEK 2 (rushing to catch up)

I am going to save the freezer until i have a whole week to work on it, I don't think I can do all my freezers tomorrow!

So for my week two, i am going to organize the bookcase in the hall. Yes the same hall as the closet. I have a very small house, but it is stuffed to the gills and overflowing.

Ao there will be lots in the 5 rooms i have; bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and the dreaded craft room. I will also work on the back porch/laundry room/pantry area.

Here is the book shelf I am going to work on tomorrow.

So, here it is. . .

Much better I have to say!! Cant wait for the year to be over and my whole house to be clean and organized!!

My Mission Organization WEEK 1 (better late than never)

I was surfing and happen across a post by Mrs Happy Homemaker about doing a 52 week organization challenge.

Sounds like something I really need to do.

So. . . lets try this thing!!

I dont have before pictures, but here are after pictures of the hall closet.

The bottom of the hall closet.

and the top of the closet.

My Mission Organization: Plan of Attack

Ok, so here, i am going to try planning out the 52 different organization missions. They will not be in any specific order until they get done. Then I will put them in order and link to them.

Week 1. Hall Closet

Week 2. Hall Bookshelf

Dryer area

Washer area

Back porch floor

Outside 2 pantry shelves farthest from door

Other 2 pantry shelves outside

Big freezer

Outside little freezer

Outside fridge

Top of outside fridge

Top of big freezer

Top of main fridge

Freezer inside

Fridge, main one

Wall shelves, kitchen

Shelf 1, kitchen

Shelf 2, kitchen

Shelf 3, kitchen

Shelves over table, kitchen

Table, kitchen

Also I will add to the list as i think of other things that I want to get done around the house!!

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